Should I shoot a friend's / family member's wedding?

Most photographers that reach a certain level will at some point be approached to shoot a wedding, it is a serious and daunting undertaking and if you've made it this far you're either considering it or you've been mad enough to say yes already.  Well, that's exactly what happened to me when I shot my first so I'm writing this post to help other photographers in the same boat.  

I should state up front that that this guide will not be an introduction to photography - if you are not comfortable shooting with a digital SLR on full manual controls you are not be ready to shoot a wedding and trust me, it would be better to admit that now rather than closer to the date when the couple will struggle for alternatives or on the day itself when you could wind up missing important shots.  The reality is that quite frankly you're never ready and that's where preparation, time and hard work comes in, for more on that check out my article on preparing to shoot your first wedding.  

This guide will loosely follow the timeline of shooting a wedding from early preparation stages, discussing equipment, the morning of the wedding, the ceremony, group shots and formal portraits, the wedding breakfast / afternoon reception and the evening party phases. 

Hopefully the above posts will help you on your path, if you have any questions feel free to drop me a line using the 'Get in Touch' link at the top of the page.